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Legion by Evisceral Legion :iconevisceral:Evisceral 1 3
Kneel, that for which you are bred
You are camping in the dark
Making way over the dead
To never leave a mark
Come with guns and flesh to trade
Come and claim what you deserve
Take all you can and some more
Before it all just melts away
Your shallow grave is office space
Buried beneath these wicked things
With all thats lost to fall from grace
Going nowhere on broken wings
Come like pigs on silver plates
Come to face all you deserve
Take all you can to cast aside
Its just empty anyway
Blood and clay (without a name)
This foul effigy (stays the same)
A golden vessel for God Mammon
The beast of wood and steel
A plastic vessel escapes its shell
The beast that can not feel
:iconevisceral:Evisceral 2 6
My Last Lullaby
This sweet song that I sing tonight
relieves the pain of my battered soul,
as I look to the stars of the twilight
watching the numbers slowly grow.
One distant twinkle catches my eye
as if it is giving out applause,
for the lullaby that  I'm singing tonight;
elegant and peaceful, without pause.
The wind carries my voice to the sky,
across the land beyond horizon,
through the clouds invisible by night,
taking with it all of my burdens.
Tirelessly I continued to sing about
a girl I could never admit I loved.
A girl I couldn't live without;
one who rests in the sky above.
"Goodnight baby" are the last words I sing
as I finish my lullaby to the stars.
My heart once sore is no longer aching:
acceptance has healed my emotional scars.
:icondisguisedagenda:DisguisedAgenda 10 42
Lost At Sea
The sky turns a shade of red
                as the sun dips into the water.
A man loses himself in the splendor:
Dreams form of places beyond his reality
                as the sun finishes its wane;
        he fires the lighthouse up.
And he is lost at sea.
:icondisguisedagenda:DisguisedAgenda 13 55
Make your bed in temptation
To get the blood pumping
Through the wires flow sensation
Thats start the nerves jumping
(so you ask yourself)
Who needs a brain when your skin is on fire?
Decline to refine and grasp the divine
Use this flesh to fill your cup
Ensnare and prepare to stand and declare
"Suck me down to blow me up"
As hungry toys play with toys
Bodies so plastic-clean
It decieves as it destroys
The mind behind the screen
(so you ask yourself)
Who needs a soul when your heart is a liar?
Decline to refine and grasp the divine
Use this flesh to fill your cup
Ensnare and prepare to stand and declare
"Suck me down to blow me up"
The hardware is softcore
We jack-in to get-off
The hardware is softcore
We jack-in to get-off
:iconevisceral:Evisceral 4 7
Dendrophobia 03 by Diregram Dendrophobia 03 :icondiregram:Diregram 317 204 Hobo Trippin' Balls by FrozenPhoto Hobo Trippin' Balls :iconfrozenphoto:FrozenPhoto 2 2 Crabby Dick's by soliton Crabby Dick's :iconsoliton:soliton 1 11
See this witless parody
A sad relic of forgotten days
So long before,
His burden falls to the floor
There is no smoke from the pyre
Drawn into the same delusion
A separate fantasy
Dispirited sacrifice to missing gods
And you can see the altars on the table
But the candles burn with no flame
For a moment all is clear-
An implicit wish
A crimson tear
His fairy tale denied
Sleeping Beauty's withered
And the frozen swans bask aimlessly
On the dry lake
No more.
:iconchornyi:Chornyi 1 12
A jarring emptiness
Stealing all color from my eyes
Crystalline vision
What is this power
That can halt the step of time
And let me look forever upon the moment I most regret?
The spare clarity of black and white
Frozen, photographically clear
A stop motion view
To immortalize forever
The final destruction of my pride
I am characterized by rain and emptiness
The graveyard resolution found
In the stark outline of dead branches against a winter sky
Stumbling cold,
Too late to see this faltering shadow
Spread jagged beneath the ice
The whipcrack dissolving of solid ground
Into a stationary hour
A question of denial
Firmly resolved
I found a missing moment in the sound of my own breathing
A filtered sigh
For lost chances and forgotten emotions
Your touch, filling vacant spaces
So cold, pressing on my lungs
Is all I desire
No second thoughts-
I am willing to fall a frozen mile
And surrender to the lightless place that waits inside
Only let me sleep beside you
Beneath the solemn coverlet
:iconchornyi:Chornyi 1 6
Three Words Forgotten
I love you, little one
Your mother always said
As she pulled the blankets around your shoulders
And kissed you on the head
I love you, little one
Your mother always said
As she tore open the wrapper
And gave you licorice red
I love you, little one
Your mother always said
As she helped you dress and brush your teeth
Every night before you went to bed
I love you, little one
Was all her letter read
You smile and whisper
I love you mother and I’m sorry it was never said.
:iconmournfullaughter:MournfulLaughter 1 1
Instinct vs. Will
Primal urge
Impulsive splurge
Seeking pleasure in all forms
Earthly desires
We are all wired
To gravitate to warmth
Hide in shadows
Steal food from babies' mouths
Thoughtless violence
Lashing out
Darkness fills our house
Instinct drive
Keeps us alive
Fulfillment our concern
Toss the bodies
On the pile
We dance as we watch them burn
Empty quest
We're at our best
When we uphold our will
Justify our kill
We give up the fight
Lost our way
Nothing to say
We'll all burn, turned from light
Nature, grace
Must embrace
Return our purity
Giving in
Is too easy
Open your eyes and see
The hardest road
Will make us grow
You've simply got to try
Aspire to be
More than you see
Into the heavens you'll fly
B.G. 2005
:icontrueaegis:TrueAegis 3 8
Half-sized Heavenly Havoc by MonkeySeed Half-sized Heavenly Havoc :iconmonkeyseed:MonkeySeed 1,483 232
the key
Life? Whats that
Joy? Happiness? love?
What are these things?
i have never experienced them.
These things are alien to me.
a new discovery waiting to happen.
but will i ever find it?
the chest these things are hidden in.
For this chest is invisable to me.
i am unable to see it.
i search every where looking for it.
but i am not able to find it.
I turn around and see you,
you stand there in a shaft of light.
it is then that i relize.
you are the chest.
The one i've been searching for.
these things are all inside you,
all the things i've ever wanted,
and you have givin me the key.
:iconluminious-wings:luminious-wings 3 5
Why I Didn't Die
The sky grows red around me once again
Because I had cheated death not too long ago
I should have died but I managed to not become
A stain on the earth's surface.
But what am I to say that I did the cheating
Maybe death himself refused to kill me
The moment of time was perfect and everything was set
Nothing could have made this anymore worth it
But death refused to kill me and now I am without a purpose
I served what I did and now I have nothing to live for.
The fragments of my youth has shattered into the ground
Pixels of my body are thrown all around
A deep grey color covers my soul and leaves a fog
That lingers like darkness in a haunted room.
Death must be planning something against me
To keep me alive and well today
I know what I did and I said all I wanted
No one can change how I am today
But now I realize why I never did finish the ending
This ending that I call my life
If death never killed me and let me end it all
I must be death in a physical form.
:iconstormdragonz:StormDragonZ 1 1
The Rag Doll
Lying lifeless
Arms hung down
Head to the side
Slowly falling off
The rag doll sits
Unnoticed, neglected
Age quickly growing
Upon her slender face
A child creeps in
More silent than a mouse
Picking up the doll
Sharing her breath
The doll's head royal high
Blood seeping down her arms
Her veins roar with life
The new special gift
Dancing with joy
A smile shining in her eyes
Dressed pretty with care
Floating with grace
Set down on the table
The child closes the door
The rag doll sits
Lying lifeless
:iconfionnade:Fionnade 2 1




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
風 - Swift as the wind
林 - Quiet as the forest
火 - Conquer like the fire
山 - Steady as the mountain
I have now officially been a member of deviantart for nine years! Party 

Oh my, how time sure does fly. It has been awesome being here sharing and enjoying art with you all.

With that said, I've opened up a stock photo account.

Check it out when you can, I'll be adding lots to it over time!

  • Listening to: Mogwai - Happy Songs For Happy People
  • Watching: Anything my eyes can look at
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Water



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